Top 10 Wine Instagram Accounts to Follow (2022 Edition)

Hello You, welcome to 2022!

The New Year brings a time of decluttering of our minds and spaces- What better time than to hit reset on the Instagram content you're consuming day after day?

When it comes to wine, we’re fine. We’re easy. We’re loosey goosey. Although you can certainly follow the top critics and gush about the top wines of 2022 (tag us please!), we wanted to showcase our favourite accounts with less seriousness, more sipping after work, you get our drift?

In no particular order, here are our top 10 Instagram wine accounts to follow if you haven't already:

1. @sparklingwinos

yourwinefix sparkling winos
Focusing primarily on bubbly wines, this dynamic duo are certified WSET Level 3 and even have a book coming, "Life is the Bubbles". 


2. @trotterwine

yourwinefix trotterwine
Follow Andrea Zigrossi 
as he tastes wines around the globe. Our favourite ambassador when we have the wanderlust to travel and immerse ourself in the wine culture. 


3. @hayleyscellar

yourwinefix hayley cellar
This lovely lady is passionate about wine and we love her tips and tricks and spot on recommendations. With her WSET Diploma on the horizon, she has plenty of study tips to share.


4. @thewinestache

yourwinefix thewinestache
If you're looking for the inspiration behind a unique label that caught your eye, here is an account dedicated to the people behind every bottle. Thoughtful yet educational. 

5. @winegini

yourwinefix winegini
Living her best wine life in the chic-est way we can think of. Like Emily in Paris, wine version. 

6. @winefolly

yourwinefix winefolly

The beginner's guide to wine. It's like WSET Level 2, more fun and without the exam. 

7. @carolynevanshammond

 yourwinefix carolynevanshammond
This gorgeous gal is not only a sommelier but internationally recognised for her two time best selling book, "Good, Better, Best Wines". Great and affordable wine recommendations, our favourite!

8. @winewithpaige

yourwinefix winewithpaige
Certified an American Wine Expert and holding WSET Level 3 to her name, Paige's Instagram feed is a consistent theme of warm hues and bite-sized pieces of knowledge. 

9. @youhadmeatbordeaux

yourwinefix youhadmeatbordeaux
This pinterest worthy account is run by two sisters who are each other's best friend. Growing up in vineyards, they translated their love for grapes into a coast to coast quest to find the best wines. 

10. @watchmesip

yourwinefix watchmesip
A girl's best guide to adorable wine guides, gorgeous flat-lays and ballin' on a budget. 






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