Best ways to store your wines in hot weather
“So hot! So hot!” We know, we heard you the first time. We all know that nothing can put a damper on a wine lover's day quite like a bottle of wine gone bad from the sizzling heat. So let's dive into some cool tips to keep your wines in their best shape this summer:

store wines at home in the hot weather

Find a cool spot

The first rule of thumb is to locate the coolest spot in your home. Look for a room with consistent temperatures, away from direct sunlight and any heat sources. (No kitchens allowed) If you can invest in a wine chiller, that is always the best. If not, a dark closet or even underneath your bed would be ideal when it comes to preserving your liquid treasures.

store wines in hot weather heat

Ice, Ice Baby
Don't be afraid to pop your bottle of wine in the freezer for a short while. Just remember to set a timer, so you don't end up with a disaster of broken glass! Super tip: Wrap your wine bottle with wet kitchen paper towels and chuck it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes - it should do the trick to bring your wine to a refreshing temperature.

store wines in the heat hot weather

Chilling your wines on the go
Planning a picnic or heading to a friend's BBQ? Don't let the heat ruin your wine party. Invest in a stylish and practical wine cooler bag or vacuum insulated water bottle. Another way is to wrap your bottles in a damp towel and place them in an insulated cooler filled with ice packs. (Remember, your car boot is not a wine-friendly)

storing wines in the heat hot weather

Embrace the Bubbles
When the temperatures soar, turn to sparkling wines and champagnes. Not only are they incredibly refreshing, but their effervescence can also help mask any slight temperature variations.

We hope these tips help you navigate away from bad wine experiences. Store your wines properly and keep them cool to maximise every single sip!

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