Cork broke, now what?
What is the best thing to do when your cork breaks while opening a bottle of wine?

Well.. what we will NOT do is to use that shoe hack- fitting the bottle in your shoe and knocking it on the wall until the cork pops out. Dirty walls, shaken up wine and the potential MESS after? No thanks. 

Why would the cork break? 

1. The cork can dry out and turn brittle over time if the bottle is not stored in the right conditions. We recommend laying your bottles horizontally when storing your bottles, so the wine will be in contact with the cork. This helps the cork stay moist and reduce the chances of drying out. 

2. The person removing the cork has poor skills. Sorry not sorry but this happens all the time, perfectly normal. To successfully remove a cork from a wine bottle, make sure the cork screw is directly perpendicular to the cork/bottle. Inserting the wine opener in an angle might break the cork at an angle too. 

3. The wine bottle is very old. Again, corks get weaker with time, just like us. So be gentle to very old bottles and always ask an expert wine drinker for help when in doubt. 

4.  The cork used can be of poor quality. Usually not the case but there is always that 1% chance. 


But what if the cork breaks while I'm opening a sparkling wine? 

10/10 chance the pressure from the bubbles will pop the cork out in 3s. If the cork remains in the bottle, withstanding the pressure PLEASE TAG US IN A PICTURE/VIDEO, it will be our latest lucky charm. 

How to remove the cork

1. The most professional way to remove a cork is to use one of these bad boys:

double prong

It is a double-prong wine opener, designed to be inserted and twisted to remove the cork safely. 

2. Our preferred method because it is fuss free:

Use a chopstick, back of a wooden spoon or a blunt stick to push the cork into the bottle. Yes, it will land into the wine. And yes, there might be cork crumbs. 

Just strain the wine with a fine mesh, tea bag or cheese cloth, it will be fine. Serve in a decanter or back into the bottle, nobody can tell the difference. 

Good luck!


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