Pairing Potato Chips with Wines

Picture this: It’s the weekend and you don’t feel like heading out. Instead, you sit on the couch, hand on your tv remote with potato chips and… a bottle of wine.

YES, you can pair wines with a bag of chips. Potato chips also have this superpower to leave thirsty- thirsty for more, thirsty for a chilled drink, thirsty for a wine.

Here is a quick tip guide for your next Netflix night:

champagne and chips


Truffle chips are indulgent and the perfect pairing would be the luxurious and buttery Champagne.

Original flavoured chips go well with any Prosecco or Cava, because all you need is that good crunch and fizz. 

 white wine and chips


Sour Cream and Onion, what a complex flavour to pair. Playing on the sourness, a good glass of Chardonnay will do. 

Salt and Vinegar chips are pretty similar to Sour Cream and Onion, so a nice dry glass of Pinot Grigio will work well too! 

Seafood flavoured chips surprisingly go hand in hand with dry rosés

smoky chips


BBQ chips have a sweet smokiness to them that pairs beautifully with a fruity and smoky Shiraz or mellow Merlot

Spicy chips accompany Shiraz quite nicely too, or a sweet, fruity glass of Gamay. (Gamay is one of our favourites, you can never go wrong!)

Cheddar Cheese flavoured chips can come off a little strong and a good pairing would be a chilled glass of Pinot Noir. Light and does the job. 

sweet potato chips

Sweet Potato Chips too, pose a perfect match with Pinot Noir wines. 

chocolate covered chips

Chocolate-covered chips
are still a thing right? Paired with a red with notes of dark cocoa like the classic Cabernet Sauvignon? This pairing might raise some eyebrows but we implore you to give it a try. 

There are no hard rules when it comes to food pairings, especially with something as tasty and fun as chips. Give these recommendations a whirl! 



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