A Beginner's Guide: How to choose wine like an expert
Choosing wines can seem intimidating, but fear not! Beginners can choose wine like experts. When stepping into a wine shop (or shopping online), don't fret about your lack of knowledge. The staff are not there to judge you, but guide you to your perfect bottle.

Start by finding a wine shop that you enjoy and feel comfortable in. It could be the ambiance, the carefully curated selection, or the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Building a relationship with your local wine shop allows them to understand your preferences better and provide tailored recommendations.

Don't feel pressured to be an instant wine expert. You don't need to know everything about wine to find an excellent bottle. Instead, focus on asking the right questions and remembering the little details about the wines you enjoy. Engage in conversations with the staff, sharing your preferences and being open to their suggestions.

Remember, be vocal about price. Expensive wines do not mean better quality or better craftsmanship. Many times, buying wines is like dining out- posh restaurants do not always mean better food. We love eating great food at affordable prices in hawker centres too!

While higher-priced wines can often offer exceptional quality, factors such as grape variety, winemaking techniques, terroir, and ageing potential can all contribute to the price of a wine. Perhaps you are paying for rare grapes, limited production or just the winery’s reputation.

It's crucial to note that many affordable wines can deliver delightful flavours, balance, and complexity that can be just as enjoyable as their higher-priced counterparts. Explore different wines, taste a variety of styles, and find what suits your personal preferences and budget.

So, take a deep breath and venture into wine shopping with confidence. Allow the passionate wine experts to assist you in finding the perfect bottle. Explore and learn with the mindset of an eager child and you'll soon navigate wine browsing like a seasoned connoisseur.

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