How to order wine like a champ
We tend to make wine-related decisions in a couple different ways: either we gamble on a recommendation from the store or restaurant, or we play it safe with that “thumbs up” wine on the list that catches our eye. If we don't order our same ol’ wine order (Pinot Noir again?), chances are we'll get a wine we don't enjoy.

It's okay to ask shop owners or restaurant sommeliers for help but how do we do it without sounding like we just started drinking wine.. yesterday? Let us come to your rescue.

Try saying:

I really like ___ wine that I tried because it’s ___.
I prefer white/red wines because ___.
I don’t like ___ wine I tried because ___.
I want to spend ___ on this glass/bottle of wine today.

Finding the big fat WHY
The why is so important when it comes to enjoying your wine. And it helps that there are no wrong answers, just wines you like and don't like.

Was the wine you enjoyed sweet?
Was it the tannins that you dislike? (That siap-siap taste)
Was the wine you tasted before too strong/powerful?
Was the wine you tasted fruity like a strawberry or plummy?
Did you like the floral aromas?
Was the wine too dry/acidic? (by dry, we loosely mean too sour)

When in doubt, just ask your wine server what he/she likes. Then hear the way they explain and see if you feel the same way they feel about the wines. Those who love wine are happy to tell you why they enjoy it in great detail, so you are actually doing them a favor by asking.

And lastly, wine is something to be explored. Over time, you'll get the hang of what you like, what you don't like. So, have fun with it! We hope you find your favourites and more.

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