Wine Spotlight: Dominio de Pingus ΨPSI 2010
Dominio de Pingus is a Spanish winery based off Quintanilla de Onésimo, in the Valladolid province and managed by Danish oenologist, Peter Sisseck since 1995. While selling at extremely high prices, the wine was very inaccessible and soon gained cult status, inspiring Peter to produce another wine. (Oenologist is the expert of the science and study of wine and winemaking, we got chu.)
As Peter explored the region, he discovered an old Tempranillo vineyard in La Horra. With the help of Pablo Rubio, ex winemaker of Alonso Y Yerro, ΨPSI was created in 2006 with the aim to capture the spirit of Ribera del Duero

As an organic and biodynamic farmer, the land is hardly ideal for Peter. He rewards growers by paying a premium for their fruit, as long as they promise to leave the vines in the ground. In his eyes, it's a long-term commitment, but it's also a gesture of gratitude to the region for giving him the chance to make one of Spain's most desired wines.

ΨPSI wines are known for their deep colors, full-bodied flavors, and moderate to high acidity. Some of the classic taste notes include blackberry, cassis, plum, red berries, vanilla, spice, leather, and tobacco. Firm tannins enriched with spices, leather, and tobacco give these structured wines a distinct complexity. ΨPSI wines have the excellent potential to mature with time so drink up now, or let them age (both are equally delish!)

Get'em while they're cold!
Dominio de Pingus ΨPSI 2010 - $73/bottle (12 bottles left) 
*while stocks last

Ψ is the 23rd letter of the Greek Alphabet. What is α and β?

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