Life is pretty sweet, wines included!
In addition to being great for dessert and as an aperitif (aperitif), sweet wines are great for all occasions. These tiny but mighty gems are best shared with your loved ones for sweeter days. 

Here are some wineries we've selected for their sweet treats:

Since 1502, Tokaj-Hétszőlő has owned the most fertile land and best vines from the south of Mount Tokaj.  In Hungarian, the name Hét Szőlő means "seven parcels of vineyard" and refers to the Garai family's selection of the best parcels in the Tokaj, Hungary, in 1502. 
As early as 1772, the estate of Tokaj-Hétszőlő was classified as a Tokay Premier Grand Cru, when it was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Wines like Aszu 5 Puttonyos 2009 honors the distinctive features of a terroir that is exceptionally organic and unique. 
Quinta do Noval
In 1931 Quinta do Noval made its mark with the declaration of the Quinta do Noval Vintage Port, amid a global depression and overproduction of the 1927 Vintage among other wineries. With this success, Quinta do Noval became one of the leading names of Vintage Port in the English and American markets, a reputation that it holds to this day.
Quinta do Noval enjoys a privileged location in the heart of the Douro Valley, Portugal. Additionally, it is the only historic Port Shipper to use the name of its vineyard when declaring a Vintage Port. Experience the rich geographic diversity of Quinta do Nova's Fine Ruby, Tawny, and labeled vintage wines
Domaine Laporte
Domaine Laporte estate in Saint-Satur was founded in 1850 by the fusion of two renowned Sancerre families. Located in the heart of the Loire Valley, the winery manages 74 acres of vineyards in the appellation's finest vineyards.
Domaine Laporte produces their wines in a very traditional, natural way- employing organic processes and always ensuring purity and exceptional quality. Give Domaine Laporte Estime 2014 a try!

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