Huia & Hunky Dory: BUY 3 BOTTLES & GET 3 FREE!
Having fallen in love with Marlborough's sunny skies and abundant fresh produce, Claire and Mike Allan founded Huia in 1996, followed by a boutique winery called Hunky Dory. The power couple also spent a vintage Veuve Clicquot and Taittinger, giving them a solid understanding of how to make brilliant New World wines, but also of the value of place and tradition found in Old World wines. 

It is with great pride that Huia vineyards has grown with an ever-increasing emphasis on organics and bio-dynamics. Clean, healthy vineyards produce higher quality wines and are attractive places to live and work through the year. Talk about whistling while you work! 

Introducing Hunky Dory was Huia’s first step in showcasing Marlborough's potential through affordable, tasty wines. They too used biodynamic growing methods for their vineyards, which resulted in an impressively low carbon footprint in today's world. 

These wines are bursting with fresh tropical flavours like peach, pineapple, lime along with soft florals hibiscus and jasmine, with a medium-to-full body just a touch of spice to give your tongue a bit of a kick. 

Buy any 3 bottles of Huia or Hunky Dory and get 3 more bottles free!
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*Promo period 11-13 Aug 2021.

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