Casas del Toqui Set | 3 Bottles for $99
The winery Casas del Toqui was founded in 1994, formed by a partnership between Larose Trintaudon, an established Bordeaux wine producer and winemakers from the Totihue region in Chile. Located in  Alto Cachapoal, the Mediterranean climate is ideal for ripening grapes. Casas del Toqui also gets their grapes from Alto Maipo, Colchagua Valley and the famous Casablanca. 
Renovations in 2011 allowed the winery to modernise, producing enough high quality grapes to meet international demand. Striving for sustainability, the winery ensures that the ecosystem is well taken care of.

If you have yet to try Chilean wines, now is the time! The wines are described to have fresh and ripe berry and black plum scents. Full, smooth and a bit jammy, try the reds are easily approachable when young. 

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