A pair of Chapel Peak at S$99!
Located in Sancerre, France, Domaine Laporte expands overseas and ventures into the New World. Introducing Chapel Peak, a winery in Marlborough, New Zealand that specialises in Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. The estate boldly presents a new generation of French traditions infused with New World influences. 
A vineyard located in New Zealand has many perks, including being situated on one of the hills within the Marlborough region that boasts important thermal amplitudes*. Additionally, the winery practices sustainability, utilising the exceptional terroir to its fullest extent.

Did you know?
Thermal Amplitude is a fancy term that describes how mountains affect the quality of grapes. Located along the bottom of the hill, the vineyard receives enough sunlight to ripen grapes, but also enough shade to keep them from over-ripening. The cool breeze coming down the mountains also allows the grapes to ripen nicely. 

With hints of spice and cocoa and notes of small red fruits, Chapel Peak's Pinot Noir is delicate and refined. Rich and juicy with silky tannins. A walk on the Blanc side reveals tropical fruit aromas on the palate. Minerality and bright character round out the Sauvignon Blanc nicely.

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