20% OFF | Champagne Bardoux Père & Fils

Champagne Bardoux Père & Fils is a grower champagne, cultivated in Montagne de Reims, France. What is a grower Champagne you ask? Well simply put, it is champagne made by the same people who grew the grapes that went into the sparkling wine. 

In bigger and more popular Champagne houses, their Champagnes are usually made from a blend of grapes harvested from different farmers. However, with tiny grower Champagnes like Bardoux Père & Fils,
each bottle of Champagne is crafted by the grower’s very own parcel of grapes. 

In terms of taste, it really depends on which kind of Champagne you prefer. House Champagnes are usually crowd friendly and the taste does not differ much with each passing year. For grower Champagnes, the Champagnes tend to be more unique, more interesting and tuned to the maker’s style. 

Champagne Bardoux Père & Fils vineyards are planted with 50%  Meunier, 25% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay. The Champagnes themselves are boutique-quality, offering an aromatic range of
floral, peachy and citrusy notes that end with an elegant buttery finish. 

20% OFF | Champagne Bardoux Père & Fils

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