At Rêve, tucked away from the hustle of Chinatown, a private affair sets the stage for a dining experience that is both elegant and intimate. Enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the restaurant's staff, led by Executive Chef Kawano Masahiko, a past recipient of Japan's RED-U-35's Taki Hisao Award. 

your wine fix reve restaurant singapore Executive Chef Kawano Masahiko

In our short Q&A with him, here's what we found out:

Tell us more about Rêve restaurant, what’s the inspiration behind, and what sets it apart amongst all the Japanese-French restaurants in Singapore?
I was inspired by my culinary experiences. There is more excitement and fun when Japanese ingredients are creatively combined with French cooking methods.

Rêve in French is Dream, is it what’s behind the name of your restaurant? If so, is it always your dream to have a fine dining like Rêve?
The dream of opening my own restaurant has always been a goal of mine. I hope my customers will have the best experience so that they will be able to dream sweet dreams after their meals.

What is your signature dish?
Japanese miso marinated french pigeon. When East meets West, chemistry is the best.

What is your favourite dish to prepare?
Sauteed Kinmedai accompanied with Spinach Mussels sauce. It is not easy to grill the skin of the fish until perfect crispiness. 

What makes you a good chef?
Creativity and focus. 

Is there such thing as a secret menu?
There's always a few special menus on my mind, but you should come to Rêve experience it for yourself.


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Left: Grilled Chutoro, Braised Wintermelon, Jerusalem Artichoke, Tomato Puree | Right: Japanese Marinated French Pigeon, Port Wine Sauce, Black Garlic Puree

Rêve Restaurant 
39 Kreta Ayer Rd, 01-01, Singapore 089002
Wednesday - Saturday | 12–3pm, 6–10:30pm
Monday - Tuesday | 6-10:30pm
Sunday | Closed

Reservations | https://reve-sg.com/reserve

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