Wine Grapes: Sauvignon Gris

Sauvignon Gris

Pronunciation sow-vuh-nyon pee-noh gree

Planted in: Chile, Bordeaux, Australia and New Zealand

Sauvignon Gris is perhaps the most obscure grape in the entire Bordeaux wine appellation. The grape came close to being extinct following the phylloxera epidemic. Today, not much is planted. Out of all the white wine grapes used for the production of Bordeaux wine, only 2% are devoted to Sauvignon Gris.

The grape was almost nonexistent, until it was rediscovered by Jacky Preys, a grower and wine maker from the Loire Valley. Jacky Preys is one of the few producers making wine from 100% Sauvignon Gris. Not many vineyards from any country use Sauvignon Gris. Most of it is found in Chile, Bordeaux, Australia and New Zealand.

The berries thick skin displays a distinct, red, pink hue, the inside of the grape is white and the juice is white. Sauvignon Gris is only included in the production of white Bordeaux wine. The grape is high in sugar with good acidity and the yields are often naturally low, which delivers good concentration of flavor.


Source: The Wine Cellar Insider
Jeff Leve
Published by The Wine Cellar Insider

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