Wine Grapes: Muscat de Frontignan

Muscat de Frontignan

Pronunciation: muh-skat duh fron-ti-nyan

Planted in: Greece, Hungary, Mediterranean France, Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Italy, United States of America, California, Australia.


Muscat de Frontignan grape variety is considered as one of the oldest grape varieties that are known to the world. Also, it is one of the members of the Muscat family.

This white wine grape variety hails from the ancient Greece after which it is believed to have expanded in the regions of Italy as well as France during the Roman times.

Unlike most of the grape varieties, the wines of this white wine grape variety taste like grapes. This grape variety is usually blended with other fruity grape varieties such as Clairette de Die in the southeastern France.

The Muscat de Frontignan grape variety develops a full potential during the time. The wines of Muscat de Frontignan grape also do well when they are blended with Muscat de Frontignan and the resulting wines so produced are lighter, fresher while some of them fall on a heavier side.


Michael Bredahl
Published by World's Best Wines 

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